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Hæld først vodkaen op i et glas med is, dernæst baileyen og til sidst kommer man den røde sodavand i.


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    that the reason she was like that was becuase of the type of people out in the world, but in reality, she is the equivalent of those type of people that she was talking about. She is delusional in thinking that she is actually teaching her kids right. She obviously is stupid as well as her actions but I do understand that makes for good tv. I hold no sympathy for ignorance of that level regardless of where you grew up. I especially hated when she told Jeremy to go back to where he came from (hence the ingnorant part), becuase if she had any type of education or sense, she would recognize that is how African Americans were treated in history, whith the same prejudice. But I absolutely loved Jeremy's response That lady needs help .
    • Aditya GÆST, 30 Dec 2012
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