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Dooley's hældes over varm kakao i et krus og kom flødeskum på toppen.


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i have both desktop and latpop, used latpop as my only pc for years, but upgrading hits a wall with them.given that most people will not upgrade their phone or latpop, a tablet suits that market as they will use the device as is for its life, then pass it on as is. a desktop will be upgraded almost 75% compared to latpop or tablet/phone.i know myself i've upgraded everyone's pc i know for them as a free gift for performance, but when you look at what the portable devices are used for and the advanced vector processing they can do with very littly power you begin to see what these devices are used for and their limitation is almost never notices, sort of like a gaming console with its optimized code practices where the user almost never cares about performance or lag as where anyone who has the ability to upgrade their desktop can clearly see the performance gains once upgraded, and CAN upgraded by choice while running the exact same programs and code.the point in the matter is everyone wants one whether they know what they are buying or know what apps are out there for their chips and screen to utilize for either entertainment, consumption or productivity. they all want it because of the simple reason that they see it is available and have money in their pocket to get it.otherwise they would be optimizing the code inside their handmedown desktop or finding used upgrade components to increase productivity or entertainment at a fraction of the cost to purchase a new 4 chip & screen portable ensemble.its nothing but new tech focussed on both hype and wow factor slip streamed into our market based on ideal portability and entertainment. when we are able to directly tap into our brain/visual perceptors within our minds, we will be bi-passing entirely the visual and display interface of yesterday, totally immersed within the endless and boundless zone of digital to analogless interface.and i would still overclock the chips in that sucker just because i could lol
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