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Isterninger og citronvand hældes op i en kande, pernod og snaps tilsættes og øllen hældes langsomt og nænsomt op så den skummer mindst muligt.


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    Den Har jeg drukket meget, Den har en god Pift oven i ølen
    • Gæst, 27 Dec 2009
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    i recently bouhgt a bottle of lucid (my first bottle of absinthe) and i see nothing wrong with it. good effects such as energy, creativity, deep thought, and of course a bit of drunkenness were prominent. it does indeed have wormwood (according to the bottle- a full serving of grande wormwood .) as far as im concerned, the drink was very unique and i didnt mind it after a few sips. perhaps one would call it an acquired taste. if not, everyone likes different things. its not lucid's fault that one doesnt like it. and im quite sick of all of the absinthe snobs who stick their noses up in the air if you dont drink the most expensive bottles on the market, which in general, americans cant get their hands on in the first place without the risk of getting ripped off. when i get the opportunity to try something better in the states, sure i will. but at this point i dont believe (at least in my area) that theres too much to choose from, and based upon countless unbiased reviews which i have read through, its one of the best attainable absinthes in the states. but hey, whenever someone feels like dropping by my house with a $200 bottle of absinthe for me to test, id be happy to do just that. it is almost christmass, you know. but i guess until then im stuck with my lucid !
    • Ramhari GÆST, 17 Mar 2013
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    • qfbeujnrap GÆST, 18 Mar 2013
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